Wednesday, April 22, 2015

C&C Basic and Open & Play

We are working on something new here in the Troll Dens. Its the basic rules for Castles & Crusades. They will make their debut in our Free RPG Day give away. The book Shadows of a Green Sky appears at participating retailers, here in the United States and overseas in Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other countries.

The basic rules offer the C&Cer nothing new. They are the same rules that you have in the C&C Players Handbook. They are streamlined somewhat and presented very differently.

Basic C&C is not a new game, its a new way of presenting the old game.

This Free RPG Day will see the release of our Open & Play Basic adventure Shadows of a Green Sky. In Shadows we've presented an adventure with all the necessary tropes of background, context, monsters, treasure, etc. But what's new is that the rules, the SIEGE Engine, are included in the adventure itself.

As you play, the game is explained to you. You'll learn how to roll attribute checks. We'll present the combat system in short. We even discuss what critical hits and fumbles are. For characters are included, complete with rules on how to play them. You can pick up Shadows of a Green Sky and with your own dice, start playing immediately. Even if you've never played before.

Open & Play Basic Rules.

I hope you enjoy them and Shadows of a Green Sky.

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