Monday, April 20, 2015

Movie News

For weeks we've had no movie news worth reporting but all the sudden we have a mountain of it. We have Sony looking for a Dr. Who Movie, a load of new trailers out, Disney announcing One Shot Star Wars movies (finally!) Furious 7 clocking 1 billion dollars in about 11 minutes (not really that fast, but really fast) and a bunch of other smaller things.

So lets scoop out the most interesting (well to me).

Star Wars.

They have decided to launch one shot movies, that is, movies that are complete stories, not part of a trilogy. This is a great idea, finally just give some love to all that goes on in that galaxy so very far, far away.

First up is the tale of a bunch of resistance fighters who are out to steal the plans of the Death Star: Rogue One.

Sounds good to me. Felicity Jones has signed on board so far. You might know her from Spider Man 2 or The Theory of Everything.

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