Friday, April 10, 2015

Riding Woolly Mammoths

Most these beasts died out some 10,000 years ago, though it is suspected that some enclaves of them existed until as early as 4000 years ago . . . that would have been about the time the Minions and Mycenaeans were wandering around the Aegean Sea.

They ranged all over the northern hemisphere as far as we can determine. A full grown male might be 12 feet high at the shoulder, and weigh close to 7 tons. His hair might be 15 inches long and his tusks an impressive 6 feet. All in all, a big monster of a beast.

To hunt him early man had sticks, rocks and fire. I have no doubt that early man were skilled hunters and able to achieve amazing feats. I do wonder though, how they actually took down these beasts, or if they ever did. Certainly they would have taken down the young or the weak, but even then that would be dangerous (its rare for a female mammal to let her young die easy).

I'm not sure what that hunt would be like. How many spear stabs to kill a beast and can the stone tip even penetrate the hair and hide?

Something tells me that it wasn't like this...

But probably more like this...


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You mean this isn't accurate?


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