Friday, December 05, 2014

World of Aihrde ~ on Kickstarter

If your a regular reader here on the Dens you've no doubt seen the multiple snippets we've been putting up from the up coming Codex of Aihrde, a book long in the works. In short the Codex is the campaign world we launched back in 2000. Its a fantastic place, rich in developed history, plots and subplots, fleshed out with an almost interactive mythology and designed to allow the gamer in your to take the reigns of the world and run it.

The Codex of Aihrde and its sister book, the Players Guide to Aihrde, along with some giant maps are now on Kickstater.

You can go and read all about it, as well as download the Table of Contents and a preview, look over the maps and see all the man options for the world and its books right on kickstarrter

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