Friday, December 19, 2014

UFO Files

I have no idea why, but this article made me really want to start watching the XFiles again. Last year I started in on them from season 1 and made it mostly through season 2 when I got distracted (I'm a bit like the birds I feed...."eh pretty light what could that be" and off I go). They really hold up for me as they play with all those thoughts that linger in the back of the mind.

Of course its different now, with the net, people have a plethora of superficial information that they take as gospel (you know how it is, if you read it, it must be true) so people look at the mysteries of our past as being something of a joke.

And perhaps they are, perhaps all the UFO sightings are just hoaxes or mangled memories, or government conspiracies . . . but something doesn't ring true.

Right now. Literally right now, we have a dozen or so probes poking around our own solar system...Jupiter, Mars, the Kiper Belt, heck we even have one crashing on Venus as you read these words (well assuming your reading them in the month of December 2014). All these craft are zipping around and we haven't even mastered inter-planetary travel that allows us to send bodies in space. Imagine what happens when we do. Where will our probes be then?

Imagine now if elsewhere someone has long since mastered this. Maybe its a 50 year journey to and from. Maybe, just maybe, all those sightings from the 60s and 70s were real.

Those are the X Files.

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