Monday, December 08, 2014

The Ulgars

These orcs dwell in wood and dirt forts in the rugged back country bordering Fontenouq. The Anjak (orc title for Commander) of the tribe is the huge orc, Unk Oakbone. Their capitol they have named Orgstall, a bastardization of Aufstrag, placing it deep in the Gelderland, high upon a hill. The reddish glow of Orgstall’s fire pits can be seen upon clear nights for miles around. During the day a pallid cloud of smoke always hangs over the dreaded place. A large wooden complex in the valley below the fortress serves the orcs as a temple to Unklar. Their shamans never mastered the Paths of Umbra and for this reason they have brought many humans to their kingdom. These men lead them in the worship of the Horned God. As with many of their ilk, the wizard priests search the arcane worlds for a spell powerful enough to bring back their beloved lord.

The Ulgar territory stretches from the Peatmoss River to the Unkwood River. These orcs traffic in slaves and stolen booty carrying it all to the coasts to sell to merchants that come to the Coves, a small bay north of Orgstall. An elven slave is an almost priceless commodity, but nearly impossible to get, for the orcs are well aware that whenever one of their number attacks the elves that those folk, normally so scattered and self involved, gather in a great concourse and come down on the orcs with a vengeance. Equally dangerous and almost as valuable are attacks on the halfling wagons.

The orcs content themselves with raids into the west and the north. It is not uncommon to see the Ulgar Chain-Shield upon adventuring orcs all over the western world. They speak the Vulgate well and communicate with many men and dwarves. It is not unknown for these folk to leave the tribe entirely and try their hands at other ventures both economic and warlike.

In war, Unk can call thousands of well armed and accoutered orcs from their scattered strongholds, though he has not done this for many a year.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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