Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UFO Files (CIA)

So the 1950s saw an explosion in UFO sitings. The atomic age had begun with the detonation of two devices over Japan, the jet age was launched by the Germans in the skies over Europe, the Roswell Incident had just happened and the Cold War was exploding across the globe. Through in the development of mass photography and the ever growing legion of amateur picture takers and observers and you have a nice mix of expectation and delivery.

So the CIA tells us that much of what happened in those days was their doing. Over half the UFO sightings can be explained by the U2 Flight experiments, a super sonic jet that could fly higher than any normal craft of its day. This is what many of the people who spotted UFOs saw in those halcyon days of the UFO phenomena.

But what of the other half?

No serious UFO hunter thinks that all the sightings are anything more than natural or man made events. In fact, probably the vast majority think the vast majority of sightings are just that, with maybe 10% unexplained.

Its the unexplained ones that riddle us, that keep us watching the skies. Because there you might find, to your delight or dismay, something more than we are.

We are not alone. There's no question about that. The Universe is too young, too large. We are not alone. The real question is, can our neighbors come see us? And if so, would they.  And if they did, why would they?

In the last 20 years we've visited Venus, Mars, the Moon, Jupiter, Nepture, Pluto, the Keiper Belt and Saturn. And we're just getting started.

They're out there. Believe it.

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