Monday, December 29, 2014

Walking Dead Spin Off Cast

Kim Dickens, who had a brief stint on Sons of Anarchy, has been cast as the female lead in the Walking Dead spin off.  The spin off takes place in Los Angeles and revolves around a couple (Dickens) and her lover and a child...not sure the child's relation. Rumor has it that this region is not totally over-run by walkers and people are struggling in slightly better conditions.

I hope they don't go too far with that last theme. Part of the appeal to the Walking Dead is that it has really great post-apacolyptic landscape thing going on In Season 3, when Carol is talking to Carl about how quiet it is and what she wouldn't give to hear a phone ring, I started to weep bitter tears of joy, thinking of a post-phone ringing world. How wonderful it would wonderful.

Kim Dickens will be cool regardless.

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Anonymous said...

In 2001 I lived under a flight path that came over mountains. Several times a day I'd hear this odd Doppler effect--first down in pitch, then up--several times a day. Living it sticks, the noise was pretty annoying.

After 9/11 I didn't hear that sound for a week. It made me smile when I heard it again.

--Just Jeff