Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The First Troll Moot

We have planned the first Troll Moot. It will be held in the woods in a cabin. Just Steve, myself (davis), Mac, Todd, Chris, and Kim playing games for 72 hours or so. Well , maybe 24 hours of games all told. We'll see how we old canker sores for gamers fare.

Shoud be fun. We have a 'big game' planned, a traveler game, an Inzae slaughter fest, a dungeon crawl and maybe some drankin' with a little banjo playing.


C.D. Gallant-King said...

Now that sounds like a trip! Oh for the days when you could hide yourself away and play games for hours on end...
Good luck and I hope you guys have a blast!

Troll Lord said...

Thanks! Yeah its been a long time a coming!