Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Of the Dragon

During this long age Erde fashioned the world. He worked tirelessly in shaping the Maelstrom and it grew beneath him. He pulled fire and earth, water and air from the planes and molded it, building on the shape of the world as it was. All the while the Maidens raced and their journey became longer and the days and nights and seasons stretched. In time the weight of the world bore down on the maelstrom and pushed the great mass upon Inzaa's back.

Thus Inzaa discovered the world above her. She rose through the Maelstrom and pulled her great bulk upon the world to see the order in the chaos. She saw the Sisters on high and the myriad lights in the Void that pointed to the creations of Erde's youth, drifting toward the Maelstrom. She saw the plains and hills, mountains, valleys and dells. She saw water flowing in channels, great lakes and deep seas. The clouds fascinated her and the rain enthralled her. And she saw Erde last of all, presiding over all upon the great heights of Mount Thangondrim.

She made her form a shadow and slipped through the world. So utterly dark was her visage that even Erde failed to notice her. She settled at the roots of the mountain and watched him as he fashioned things that were but are no more.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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