Friday, May 30, 2014

No Third Party D&D for Awhile

Dungeons and Dragons 5e lead developer put out recently that the fifth incarnation will not have third party support in the near future, but they plan to open it up by the Fall, with the program going live in 2015.

Mike Mearls posted this on the WOTC daily D&D: "To start with, we want to ensure that the quality of anything D&D fans create is as high as possible. The Dungeon Master's Guide will contain the guidelines for creating many elements of the game, from adventures to monsters. While Basic D&D will cover the basics that DMs need to create and run campaigns, it won't go into details on the thinking behind the rules and the consequences of tinkering with them. Basic D&D is aimed at new players or people who aren't looking for a lot of mechanical complexity or depth. It's enough to create adventures for use at your table, but not for material that you want to share broadly. For that reason, we don't want to launch anything at least until the Dungeon Master's Guide has been released in November."

More at WoTC.

Well Trollzah for WoTC! That's good news that its a coming!

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Kevin said...

I love how you find the positive with the same posting that so many find negative.

Thank you