Thursday, May 22, 2014

Not Sure Where SyFy is Going with This

SyFy has acquired all the rights to the Stars tv show Spartacus. There are three seasons, including some spin off material. I've watched most of these, and they are good without a doubt. It was quite tragic when the lead died after season one. Andy Whitfield succumbed to cancer between seasons. He was replaced for the remainder of the run and though the show was still really good, his death kind of lingered over it for me.

But its got Lucy Lawless in it and some other great character actors, so it should be a good run for SyFy.

I just don't know where they are going with. They have, in the past, turned tv shows into franchises, but in this instance, Spartacus was crucified along with hundreds of his men. 10s of thousands more were put to death, died on the battlefield or ended up as galley slaves…where the died no doubt, as that post had a very short life span.

We'll see SyFy, we'll see….

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