Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Names Count

Archeologists have unearthed another in a series of long snouted dinosaurs that are similar enough to  tyrannosaurus rex that they belong in his family. They seem to be smaller and more slender version of the t-rex and have been dubbed Pinocchio Rex.

Wait? What? Pinocchio? Why in the sam hill would anyone name a relative of the king of all dinosaurs "Pinocchio." For that matter, why would anyone name anything so bad ass as a dinosaur any such silly name. All one has to do is take a moment and look into a bird's eye and see in there the utter contempt for fear and a loathing of weakness that you can get just the shade of what it must have been like to be a dinosaur.

They defined awesome on this planet. And nothing that has come since stands up to them. Pinocchio defines everything but awesome…aside from talking wood, which is pretty cool.

Come on archeologists. Pick it up. Show some respect to these creatures who lived and died unworried with fear and trepidation!

We have to make stuff that is this cool, these guys actually existed!

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