Monday, May 05, 2014

Doggerland Paradise Destroyed

Apparently an unknown land in an unknown country in an unknown era was a paradise and it might have been destroyed by a landslide in Norway.

Doggerland, according to Wikipedia, was a landmass that connected Great Britain with the rest of Europe, in and around Denmark.

All this is fine, but why in the name of the gods do they call it a paradise? It might have been pestilent ridden swampland, filled with peat bogs and quicksand. We don't know, because it vanished beneath the water some 7,000 odd years ago. Hell, it might have a place where criminal gangs roamed and built Thunderdomes to allow the locals to fight it out in pig poo!

It's based of course on the amount of material that fisherman pull up from the sea, prehistoric finds and whatnots. Though I doubt it is much greater than what is found on the mainland, and if it is, then I would be more inclined to say it has more to do with the fact that the sites are undisturbed due to several thousand feet of water standing on top of them as opposed to those damn Romans digging everything up for their roads.

The image at the bottom of the two murdered women is to show you what happens when the sea levels rise. Their bodies were found in Brittany…nowhere near Doggerland of course…and the idea that they were killed in mainland Europe because of rising sea levels is just flat ass wrong. Their death had nothing to do with rising sea levels, I can say that with no knowledge of the facts at all, because there is no reason to ritually murder women because the sea level rises.

The central premise that a tidal wave may have wiped out the last of the Doggerland island is interesting, if deeply flawed. I don't doubt that it happened. It is clear that rising sea levels covered this low lying and probably swampy land. It is not clear why it is a paradise.

The central premise should have stayed on track. Crappy swamp land that people could eke a living out of was probably engulfed in tidal wave. It is more than likely that most people had long since left Doggerland as it was a crappy swamp.


This article made my teeth hurt. Here it is.

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