Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Affleck as Batman

Flying around the twitterverse this morning is a shot taken of Ben Affleck in the Batman digs. He strikes a good pose and he definitely has the chin for it. I'm pretty sure he'll pull this off. But really its not the actor who wrecks a character (well they can) but the writing. If the story is crappy, no amount of good acting can save it, its just a crappy story.

Batman Clooney was a  crappy story, filled with crappy campy crap and it was horrid. Those actors couldn't have made that movie better unless the re-wrote it. And my guess is that none of them had even read a Batman comic book. Not that that would help, he's been portrayed in so many ways.

I hope they lighten him up a bit.

Of course I think this is all for the Sups movie, where Batman makes an appearance, along with Wonder Woman.

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