Thursday, March 05, 2015


I remember watching the Thunderbirds as a kid, the stop motion was cool, the stories wild, but for some reason the memory of it, the echo of it in my mind, is a disjointed. I watched all kinds of Saturday morning cartoons (I loved Tarzan most of all), and the afternoon cartoons like Star Blazer as well. And I watched Thunderbirds.

But the show, its presentation, of all those shows, has just left an odd feeling.

At any rate, they are doing a new Thunderbirds and from this clip the setting looks exactly the same! I'll have to watch it just to see if I can place the odd feeling the original left with me.

Maybe because it has so much crazy ass detail, but still looks like a model. Its almost like an unhappy Thomas the Tank Engine world!

Maybe it just needs Sir Topemhat!

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Anonymous said...

The original Thunderbirds was NOT stop-motion. They were marionettes.
And one of the best series ever!