Thursday, March 19, 2015

Storytellers Dictionary on Kickstarter

What is the Storyteller's Dictionary?
Bent over the keyboard, the words tumble across the page like waves on a sandy beach. But you hit a snag...what is that thing called...that door inside a the castle gate. You know there's a specific name for it, you know it has to have a name, but what is it? Use the wrong word and you've spoiled the tone, wrecked the description and leave the reader disappointed.

The right word for the job.
When we first conceived the Storyteller's Thesaurus it wasn't with just one book in mind. There was always a companion book, the Dictionary. Both books together were conceptualized to help the writer or game designer reference the language they need, quickly and efficiently.

Like the Thesaurus, the Storyteller's Dictionary is specifically designed for writers, teachers, game designers, students and anyone who enjoys the creative output of fantasy, science fiction or horror tales! Broken up by subject matter, the Dictionary allows the end user to reference material with ease. Do you want to know about castles? Reference the Castle Section. Do you want to know about types of herbs? Reference the Herb Section.

The Storyteller's Dictionary is there for the many challenges of writing and designing. From herbs to castles, from nebulae to pole arms, the Dictionary is a must have.

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