Friday, December 19, 2014

TROLLZAH!!!!!!! Fire and Ice

Great news from Hollywood!

Despite their sad capitulation to the North Koreans (and the U.S. Government's sad defense of them) Sony has green-lighted Fire and Ice!! This classic Frank Frazetta cartoon from the long ago days of the 80s captured the feel of the early Heavy Metal and Epic magazines (cool stuff if you haven't heard of them) and brought it to life.

Robert Rodriguez is heading up the project. Apparently this has been a passion of his for some time, a huge fan, he's wanted to bring it to the big screen for some time. And Ralph Bakshi is producing. Very cool.

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Anonymous said...

Long ago a friend had a morphing program in his Amiga. Put in a series of pictures, and it would produce animation, stringing them together and filling in the gaps.

Fire and Ice is what it might have produced had you fed it a bunch of Frazetta paintings. (That's not necessarily a bad thing. :-)

I have a particular fondness for the look on that giant lizard's face when it surprises the party and accidentally saves the good guys. So very pleased with what its wrought.