Wednesday, December 10, 2014

From Far Away to Close Up

Mark Halmill has joined the cast of The Flash. He's been cast as the Trickster. He'll be chain bound and in prison, but helping the young Flash combat a Trickster look-a-like who is terrorizing the city.

I like Hamill, and he seemed to have fallen off the earth after Return of the Jedi. It would be nice to see his career get a boost, much like John Travolta's did with Pulp Fiction. Not sure this is the venue, but is sure in the right direction.

He looks cool with a beard.


Timothy Brannan said...

Actually Hamil has done anything BUT fall of the Earth.

His role as The Trickster is an homage to his role as The Trickster in the old 90s Flash. And he has been pretty much working constantly in the highly competitive voice actor market for animation. His role as the Trickster in fact landed him the role as the voice of the Joker is pretty much everything the Joker has been in since 1990.

Check out his IMDB page, he has been busy! ;)

Troll Lord said...

Timothy, Its cool to hear such things, I thought he had just fallen off the earth, but was pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise.

Thanks for info!