Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Free Adventure Challenge!

It's been an awesome adventure so far!  Why not get a free one too?

Time is running down on this Word of Aihrde Kickstarter. Less than a week left. We are less than 5K in pledges to get the Codex of Aihrde in FULL COLOR. On the way, we have wandering monsters, secret doors and all kind of goodies including an adventure by the esteemed Mr. James M. Ward. Help us make it happen!

In fact, we want to do this sooner than later. IF we hit the 25k Mark before midnight, pacific standard time on New Years Eve, we'll give everyone who pledges before that time a FREE adventure of your choice for backers who have pledged 45 or more.. Digital or print, you choose. It's that simple.  We get to 25K by New Years in LA, and you get a FREE adventure!  We'll be on hand to watch the ball drop on the New Year and this the latest Aihrdian challenge, so join us in the comment section of the KS for some champagne and a FREE adventure.

But we're going to need your help. Spread the word. Post on your facebook, google, instagram, where ever you can think that might bring people to the World of Aihrde!

Spread the word! Let's knock these doors down today! And reap yourself a little reward! You can copy and paste this handy shortened URL to share: http://bit.ly/worldofaihrde

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