Thursday, December 04, 2014

Concerning the Codex of Aihrde

The Codex of Aihrde originally debuted in the year 2001. It was beautiful hardback book, an expansion of the After Winter Dark Fantasy Campaign Setting. The book contained everything needed to weave epic tales in the world: history, descriptions of the lands, maps, hearaldy, races, langauges, deities, classes, spells, magic items, and monsters all packed into one volume. It stayed in circulation for several years until it sold out and we replaced it with the After Winter Dark Campagn Folio for Castles & Crusades.

Two years ago we scheduled to re-release the Codex of Aihrde again and we put it on pre-order. However, due to a wide variety of circumstances the project was put on hold. Quite a few backed it in early on and have patiently (insanely so) waited for its release. When we realized it was going to miss its date we pulled it from pre-order.

But now the setting is complete, and much the larger for it. Split now into two volumes, with a much larger map the Codex of Aihrde is ready to return to the gaming table.

This kickstarter will serve several purposes. Foremost, it is to help us make the maps better. We've found no good way to print them, large enough and cost affective enough. Pete's original is 55 x 37 inches. Splitting them into 9 maps causes innumerable problems for us and they never quite look right. Further, Peter has informed me that putting the maps in the book (split up like we did in the original Codex) is going to cause all kinds of spacing problems. So we want to add the map to the back of the book, as one large fold out map (39" x 27" I believe, though all those dimensions are screwed around in my head so don't quote me). Also this gives us a chance to offer extra things like, leather versions of the book, to both you and all those people who missed out on the original pre-order. Plus it gives me the opportunity to offer something I've long wanted to offer for the Codex (but won't say now because the printer hasn't confirmed it).

IF YOU BACKED IT BEFORE: If you have already pre-ordered the Codex of Aihrde, or bought into one of the larger packages, then you are good to go. You are locked in and will receive what is in your order. However, if you want to get in on the Kickstarter and some its offering (the leather version for instance) you can do so too, as we are setting up the KS with add ons for all extras! If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to holler at us on facebook, twitter, via email, phone or what ever method you find the most comfortable.

Coming to Kickstarter in 2 days!

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King Skalmad said...

I'm eagerly waiting for this one. The original Codex was the book that sold me on C&C. From the mysterious Great Wall to the violent warlords of the Punj, from tottering Outremer to the gluttonous lords of the Hanse states, I want it all.