Friday, October 25, 2013

Planck Death

The European satellite that has been scanning the Great Empty for the past four years, collecting loads of data on the history of the universe has been shut down. The satellite's extraordinarily powerful telescopes were able to see into deep space, picking up vestiges of our continuum's birth. While hanging out in orbit where the sun's and earth's gravitational pull meet and offer some balance Planck mapped out the early universe, painting a picture of time that was, pushing back our existence by 100 million years.

Her early images challenged notions of what the universe looked like in her early state and the very essence of the Inflationary Theory, the Big Bang. The patterns of light and the fluctuations do not fit the model as put forward by the Big Bang.

But that discussion is not for Planck. As her lithium ran out her operators prepped her for shut down. They pushed her out of the earth's orbit and into the sun's. Ra picked her up, pulling her toward him. Operators turned her off and she went black, allowing her to go into a deep, quiet sleep.

Bon Voyage Planck!

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