Monday, October 14, 2013

Dirt Farmers and Pig Stickers

The hill folk are always riled up at the valley folk for some reason and they just can't seem to get along. So it is now, so it may have been 10,000 years ago. Seems that evidence of two populations living together for some 2000 years, one based on farming, the other on hunting and gathered, shared the same region and must certainly have interacted, but didn't seem to have sexual concourse.

So the evidence on some 20+ bodies relates. Not sure if that is enough evidence (I think some of the regional people could have come and gone, wiped out locales, driven out others, climate changed to force farmers away or hunters away, or lord knows what, one group comes in, another goes out and so forth).

But interesting read over at LiveScience.

This picture is awesome . . . .

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