Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pulp Locales: Cabaret l'Enfer!

Okay, seriously, this needs to go into an Amazing Adventures game that has even a whisper of the supernatural involved. Or even just one that needs a good base of operations for an evil secret society like the Hellfire Club.

Holy crap, is that evocative.

And yes, I do intend to detail it for the game!

Here's a YouTube video with images from l'Enfer and its spiritual sister clubs, Ciel (Heaven), and Neant (nothing, a death-themed club).


DesignZombie said...

that is good inspiration for a pulp game!

The Grey Elf said...

Ain't it, though? I think I'm going to make it a personal mission to hunt these things down online and stat them up! whether I follow through is another story entirely ;)