Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dragon Death (Game Update)

Much as promised I used the pictures from yesterday's blog in last night's game. The party encountered a man in the wilderness. He approached their campfire and asked to join them for warmth. He had an odd perfumed smell about him, masking a deeper stench. He wore ragged hunters clothes and carried al one sword he didn't know how to manage. His speech was halting and he had no emotive responses, even after the wizard attempted to surprise  him by cantripping the fire to light. A long, though strange, conversation ensued before he invited the party to join him in a cave on yonder hillock to trade his catch for some new clothes.

In route the cleric pretended to trip, grabbed the man's cloak and snapped his neck back. It snapped back so violently that it rather showed the fellow had no real neck muscles. At this point though they were itching to kill what the rightfully suspected was an undead creature the wizard asked them to let it play out and see where he would take them.

The hillock was some miles off and they approached it in the dark. Once there they sensed what they knew to be true, it was some type of trap. But almost simultaneously they discovered a pack of goblins climbing the slopes and a dragon lying in the ruins upon the hill. 

Without a moment's notice Ki, the knight, lopped off the undead's head and charged with the dwarf up the hill. The dragon frighted and leapt up into the ruins. The rest of the party followed after (the goblins scattered at sign of the dragon) and a band of undead began charging out of the cave.

At this point the knight transformed into his avatar, a giant crow and flew up to circle around, leaving the dwarf to suffer the the sorcery of the dragon who cast a suggestion upon him, easing off his attack. But by now the wizard and cleric joined the fray and attacked the dragon, passing the dwarf paladin as they charged up the hill. In the confused melee that followed thew wizard dimension doored himself and the cleric on top of the ruined tower where the dragon had crawled and attacked. The knight transformed back and leapt upon the dragon's back hacking with his dragon slayer. The paladin broke the sorcerous spell only in time to see the undead pile upon him. He called on the power of the All Father and blasted them from the plane of Aihrde with one a turn. 

Back in the tower the party hammered the dragon hard but it spun around in a violent attack upon the tower, brining it to ruin with its tail, wings, arms, and legs. As the whole tower fell the cleric plunged into the rubble and the wizard cast fly on himself. The dragon then rose from the collapsing building with the knight on his back and breathed his mighty gaseous flaming breath upon the wizard. He failed his save and was killed, falling 20 feet into the rubble. 

The paladin and cleric rushed to attack the dragon but too late as it rose on high and flew up into the air spinning wildly, moving at break-neck speed as the knight rained blows on him with the dragon slayer. Three rounds into it the knight failed his dexterity check as the dragons wild aerial antics took their tole and he plummeted from 750 feet, only to crash into the earth. He was killed instantly. 

The dragon flew off into the distance and the party gathered their dead. After much debate with a  now liberated cobylnau familiar they summoned to fey who owed the party a boon and these promised to bring aid to bring the characters back from the Stone Fields. A murder of crows came, bringing back the dead souls and restoring the bodies health and limb.

Awesome game with a some magnificent heroics on the battlefield.

This is who they fought, from yesterday, though he was only a quarter the size of this one.


Greyknight said...

Inspired stuff! That's what great fantasy gaming is all about. And I love it when a dragon is a match for a whole party - as it should be!

DesignZombie said...

that's a bad ass sounding game session!

Troll Lord said...

Thanks! It was crazy how fast paced it became. I had planned a large role playing encounter with the dragon, but the characters were like a hard hitting wrecking crew and went all in! hahaha