Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Forentz (Gnomes of AIhrde)

In those days the giants too were wandering far and wide and some came upon the forentz in their holes on the banks of the river. They dislodged them and drove them into the Lands of Ursal. The forentz were distraught for they had no thought for war or battle and their peace was shattered. The came to the norther vales of the Ethvold and their Tefnut spied them and took pity upon them. She called to her sister, Mordius, and bid her bid take them under her care, for she knew that Mordius loved all the creatures of the Faul Erde.

Mordius found them upon the slopes of the Bergrucken and she brought them over the high mountains through the Valley of Ix and showed them the lands of the Massif. There the grass grew deep, waters by many creeks and streams and the whole of Lake Orion. The lands were ringed by mountains which served to keep the lands safe from many of the wandering creatures of those days. So the fortentz settled along the feet of the mountain and spread out into the rolling plains and along the banks of the river.

For many long years Mordius came to them at their call and she taught them how to draw food from the earth, how to hunt and fashion many diverse tools. She taught them a new language and it was their tongue ever after, and shared only reluctantly with other peoples. They worshipped her as the Mother from those days ever after and her name is a holy word in their tongue and one they will not allow disparaged.

When Ornduhl slew Mordius the forentz became a quiet people and would treat with few others. Ever after they hated the Red God and all his servants. In these days the first of Hurgin Dun entered the annals and these were hunters, who tracked the Red God's servants and slew them where ever they could.

~ Players Guide to Aihrde

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