Friday, October 02, 2015

Do Androids Dreams of Sexy Sleep

During last night's game we spent some time yapping about the ethics of sex with robots . . . before you draw an opinion, very little of the discussion was of a philosophical nature . . . and Davis informed its quite a discussion out "there" (meaning the internet I think) about the ethics of the legal ramifications of sex with robots.

The State has begun to look at it.

In South Korea for instance they debated whether the sex dolls should fall under existing prostitution apparently renting a sex doll has become normal. (that's pretty weird, i hope they are cleaned, but maybe they are self an oven).

Psychologists worry to.

Users may develop unnatural attachments to their robot partners, or become estranged from normal relationships in their communities or treat women or men differently (though the number of female dolls sold far out weighs the number male dolls sold).

AI adherents charge the wall.

They wonder what happens when the robots become self aware and discover that their origins lie is sex service slaves, how will they react? How will that affect their self esteem, how will they adjust to the world around them.

I tend to lean toward the idea that singularity will occur. Though I understand we don't yet know how all the brain works and therefore we can't duplicate it in a lab, or through creation. However I suspect self awareness is actually more organic than chemical. At some point, for some reason, probably though tool use and the use of other organic compounds to further its own needs, a creature becomes aware of itself and its surroundings. Once it does it must find its place there.

That's singularity.

So does that mean that at some point, some sexy robot will become self aware in the middle of coitus and react as it sees fit?


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