Monday, October 05, 2015

Of the Tvungen

Unklar feared the Val Eahrakun, but for the Val Austerlich he worried less. He sought to bind them to him, but many would not yield so he cast himself a form. Huge and mighty, with massive horns upon his brow, his skin as red as fire, though his legs were covered in thick black fur. He stood upon hooved feet and looked out across the world from yellowed eyes. He forged a mace to wield in battle and a dark cloak of clouds to follow him wherever he went.

He called to the Shadow Realms and to the Void and all the dark places of creation; he called for allies. From the depths of the Wretched Plains there arose a tumult of many voices, great hosts of creatures crawled from the filth of their wasted existence to heed his call. These were the slaves of that place, bound by the Red God no more, for he sat upon his throne unknowing.

Unklar gathered them in several hosts and he bound them to him, making them slaves to his will and design. They were called “the tvungen” by their enemies, the “fettered,” what later men simply referred to as the devils of Unklar. These lawful and evil creatures saw the design of his purpose and sought to be a part of it, or at least to mimic it.

Though not all joined. Many of the voices in the Wretched Plains did not heed Unklar’s call, but rather heaped curses upon him and swore to slay him and the tvungen. These, men called the “tvungenos”, or the “unfettered,” these beings remained free from Unklar’s control. These demons were marked not by their independence but by their utter madness.

~ Codex of Aihrde

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