Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What the Sam Hill. Taxes and Mars?

You know, if you have a child that gets riled up when told to do something, it helps to break it to them early. For instance, if they have a bed time of 8, and when you try to send them to bed at 8 they get all riled up, its best to break it to them. Mention it at 7..."hour to bed time you little bag of bones" and then again at 7:30..."your heading to the land of nod soon you old snot bucket."  This allows the child time to get their minds around what is coming, so your not springing the concept on them suddenly. They can adjust and except.

That's exactly what Adam Chodrow is doing with your taxes. He's going on about when we get to Mars, and we surely will, then we'll have to pay taxes on the profit there. The article goes on to say that the American tax system "gives money back" through "credits and deductions."

What? Are you kidding me? Did you really say that, like we don't realize that they are giving us OUR money back, that we know they can take whenever they want?

I think this whole site is a stooge site, set here to plant ideas in our heads so we aren't surprised when we get the 3% increase in taxes called "Affordable Population Relief Tax Plan" which in other words is a tax for people to go to Mars and get taxed more.

Here's an idea. Make Mars and all its profits a tax FREE zone for 100 billion years. That will incentivize people to go . . . heck it would probably be colonized by Thursday next!

Get ready Venus! Your next!


Anonymous said...

Taxes on Mars? I'd like to see DC collect. That's right IRS agents, it's only about 10 light minutes away- the flight will only take about half a year. Make sure to bring your rayguns, you're gonna need them!

Anonymous said...

Would only apply to U.S. colonies and U.S. citizens.
I would wonder how long until that colony tried to become its own country. Maybe dump tea in the canals. :)