Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Well, Okay Then

IDW announced a new crossover in comics, coming this July. The crew of the Star Ship Enterprise...yeah, that one...will run into Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps in an epic encounter of ... wait? what??

The two intergalactic franchises will meet when the crew scoops up some power rings and stuff happens.

I'm not sure what to make of this. On the one hand, why not? The crew have met all kinds of weird beings in their travels and the GLC, meet all manner of weird stuff. On the other hand the continuity of both tales has nothing to do with the other.  On the third hand, who cares? if its a good story, why not? Back to the other hand, or the fourth hand if your on ERB's Mars, isn't there a time problem? GL is before ST?

Heck I dont know.

Roll film!


Scott Galliand said...

IDW already did a crossover with the original series and the voltaic Legion of Superheroes a few years ago. Somehow Vandal Savage captured Q and conquered/manipulated time & source while both groups were traveling in time back to their own time period. The two teams had to fix time of course. No,Superboy was not part of the LoH.

Scott Galliand said...

Oh, I forgot. IDW is currently doing an original series/classic Planet of the Apes crossover. The last issue is about to be released. Synopsis: The Klingons discover a wormhole to the Planet of the Apes universe and the Enterprise goes in to set things right when the Klingons start arming the gorillas. Looks like it world take place between the first and second Apes movie since Taylor is in the series.

Troll Lord said...

Well I'm not even sure what to say to that Scott! I may have to go buy the comics!

I clearly need to go to my comic book store more often!

The Grey Elf said...

The X-Men and Doctor Who have done Trek crossovers as well

Scott Galliand said...

The X-Men crossover was a with the Next Gen cast. There was a comic mini-series and a separate novel.

The Doctor Who crossover was primarily a Next Gen/Matt Smith crossover with one story being an original series/Tom Baker crossover. Basic plot: Rift causes Cylons and Borg to meet and combine.

I know the LoH/original series and Doctor Who/Next Gen series are in graphic novel form now. Haven't seen the X-Men crossover in a while. The Planet of the Apes crossover should be in graphic novel form in a few months.