Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Lost City has been Found

We have less than one week left in the Lost City of Gaxmoor Kickstarter! A lot has happened in a very short time, so we thought we'd go over what has happened so far so you can keep track.  

Gaxmoor Kickstarter was launched at GaryCon, with Ernie and Luke present.  And we funded in the very first day, getting the book in hardcover.  Since then, it has more than doubled, and we are closing in on a secret door at 12K!  Along the way we have unlocked a poster map, an adventure, a map booklet, and some isometric maps.  

And there is much more in store that we hope to bring into the mix.  We have adventures by James M. Ward and Luke Gygax at 14K and 18K to name a few, plus a few surprises hopefully. So if you have already pledged, check your level, make sure you are getting what you want, then sit back and enjoy the fun.  If you haven't pledged, consider getting in today and let's get the Lost City of Gaxmoor stretching to new heights!

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