Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Order of the Oak

This Order consists of human and elven druids, rangers, and others dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Great Oak in the Eldwood. There, the Great Oak towers over the forest, an offspring of the Earhtaut. The Oak is ageless, and worshiped as a god by many in the forest. It speaks only to those it deems worthy, and usually only to the Val Tulmiph Daladon.

The Order is very small, numbering in the hundreds only. Though most of them live in the Eldwood, they have adherents in forests all across the Lands of Ursal, keeping a watch on magical glades. These include the Detmold, where the Winter Roses bloom, and the Paladin’s Grove, where the Silver Elms grow. They have a strong presence in the Gelderland as well. They are very secretive, possessing no allegiances to any prince. They are closely associated with the Watchers in the Wood of the Darkenfold, and are loosely aligned with the wood elves of King Nigold.

The Order’s houses are called Woodholes, the chief of witch stands in the Eldwood. They are usually built in hidden, defensible glades where there is a source of fresh water.

Members of the Order carry wooden staves or wands made from fallen branches of the Great Oak. All members of the Order gain the following abilities, usable once per day: know direction, speak with animals, and speak with plants.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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