Friday, April 10, 2015

Nature is Violent

Nature is extraordinarily violent. From our comfortable living rooms, its insanely violent. During creation of the solar system, matter collided at such extreme speeds that it shattered on impact, living dust and debris. This swirled around and insane speeds until it grafted into shapes and forms. Now spinning so fast it forcefully pulled other debris into it and consumed it. Fast forward to comets smashing into planets, explosions, shock waves and general mayhem.

When life crawls from the oceans its sole purpose is to consume and reproduce and it does so, morphing into countless millions of forms, all consuming energy in one form or the other. As the species become more sophisticated it becomes even more violent, as the principles of natural selection go into over drive. Now its blood soaked battle fields between gigantic beasts that govern the age.

Its violent. Insanely violent. 

So is it any wonder to anyone that t-rest bones unearthed bare the scars of multiple battles, battles no doubt with their own species. There is no doubt that from a young adult to its death the trex had to fight, for territory and mates.  

Nature is violent.

We are the aberration . . . .


John Matthew Stater said...

I read a sci-fi story by a Czech writer years ago (and unfortunately I don't remember his name) that involved humanity attempting to join some interstellar federation of peoples. The aliens wanted to reject humanity, because we were so savage, but the creature that was speaking for us asked them to excuse our savagery because we came from a planet that was constantly trying to kill us. In other words, we didn't turn out quite right because we had an abusive mother.

Anonymous said...

I am not an aberration. I am a monstrous humanoid. Do your research.

Troll Lord said...

What would have been a cool twist is if we conquered them! hahaha.

Troll Lord said...

Z. Don't sell yourself short! You can be an aberration too! haha