Friday, April 03, 2015

Hoax Hunters to the Big Screen

An Image title, Hoax Hunters, was recently scooped up by Heavy Metal Magazine (itself under new ownership) and recently hit shelves with issue #1. It follows the adventures of an XFiles type crew that investigates the paranormal and all things weird, with the purpose of disproving this, that and the other. But in fact (well fictional fact), they are fighting the forces of evil and keeping mankind safe from both the knowledge of and actions of the underworld.

There are rumors floating about that Hoax Hunters has a screen play in works, though no big studious are attached to the project that we know.

So more comic adaptations for the big screen. 

I really hope this multiple movies attempt to give us good, memorable stores as opposed to mad capped, rushed scripts that through a bunch sound and fury at us.

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