Monday, May 19, 2014

Godzilla Above and Beyond

I slipped out and watched Godzilla last night. I have to say, from opening to closing I was riveted! That movie was fantastic! It revisited the original concept of Godzilla as King of All Monsters, because he crushes them in battle!

He's not the villain that rampages through New York trying to protect his trex babies, but rather the primordial beast that rises from the depths to crush, punish and destroy other creatures who are wreaking havoc on his world. In doing so, he inadvertent saves humanity.

Special affects are awesome, story, plot, writing, acting all of it. Freaking awesome.

Go see Godzilla!

And the good news is that the King of All Monsters smashed through the Box Office, bringing in $103 million in its opening weekend, strongest movie of 2014 so far. So much so that the studio has begun a Godzilla sequel. Now if they can just hold steady.


With the remake of King Kong in 2005 and now this Godzilla remake, we finally have modern versions of these classic stories that are true to form, well made and fantastic movies. See both and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

agree! It was fantastic and true to the originals.

I made me want to see MORE!

maasenstodt said...

Just came back from seeing it. Technically, I liked it a lot. This is probably my favorite version of the monster itself that's been made.

On the other hand, in this movie, it seemed like humans were just bystanders to these forces of nature that are uncontrollable and unbeatable. The only impact that men could have by their actions was negative.

In the original, the monster is inadvertently created by man, but it is also ultimately defeated by human courage, sacrifice, and genius.

To me, therefore, I think the morale drama of the original Godzilla is much more compelling, even if the monster itself isn't as impressive.

After we walked out, one of the guys I saw it with said that he liked it, but not as much as he enjoyed Cloverfield. I'd be hard pressed to argue with his assessment.

Troll Lord said...

I've not seen Cloverfield. I've shied away because I don't like the whole camera phone thing and stumbling angles and running feet stuff. I think that's the movie that does that.

But in Godzilla, the soldier actually saves Godzilla's life. As the King is getting his butt stomped by the two MUTO's, he sets the nest on fire…distracting the female from her stomping fest.

So in that respect human courage and sacrifice does save the day.

I also liked the imagery of the soldier falling on the boat with Godzilla falling on the beach, as if both tired warriors were somehow symbiotically linked.

randy mull said...

Decent movie but does not compare to the original. To much soldier boy drama with Godzilla as backdrop. It needed more Godzilla time and less Soldier boy. Also it was a decent looking Godzilla but I prefer some of the older designs.