Thursday, May 01, 2014

Cloud Giants

Of all the Faulerde the cloud giants are the strangest. After the breath of life touched them they found themselves rooted to the ground and unable to move. They heard all that was said about many things. They listened to the All Father and the teaching of Burol. They listened to the dwarves and understood the debt of life. It is said they learned much of many things, but little of any one thing. For this reason the are filled with clever wisdom, but not understanding. Most importantly they learned that they were not immobile, but rather they created earth or stone wherever they walked and were thus fused to the ground. But they could walk on the air, for beneath their feet the air turned to stone. And they could walk on fire and water for the same reason. Only on the cold ground did they fail, for their bodies fused with the earth. So they ascended to the skies and built homes in the heavens.

The cloud giants are clever and cruel. They love to sport with all creatures, challenging them to games of wit that they themselves are not able to win, unless their opponent is simple. And when they lose a blind rage takes them and the attack and eat whoever they matched wits with.

They worship no gods, nor pay homage to any. They are envious of men, and hate them more than all others.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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