Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are Comics Back?

Sales of The Amazing Spiderman #1, the rebooted series, topped 500,000 . . . and those numbers do not include the numbers from sales in the UK through Diamond. So the book may have sold well in advance of the half million mark. Comics have not seen these numbers in almost 2 decades, the vast majority of which sale between 50-80000 issues…80k being a remarkable number.

They cut the price of this issue to $5.99, which is a really good move I should think as comics have for years been a bit on the pricey side. Of course the power house movie certainly helped. I'll have to pick it up and see what the content is. The 90s and 00ts saw a huge increase in moralizing and social grandstanding . . . no one needs that crap, we need action and fun.

Maybe, just maybe a new generation of kids are discovering the awesomeness that are comics.

I bought this sucker at Howards Hardware in Warren Arkansas way back when  . . .


R.J. Thompson said...

Guys, comics never went away. A normal comic goes from $2.99 - $3.99 and the sales are not "kids discovering comics, but adults (average seems to be 20 - 40 years in my neck of the woods.)

Troll Lord said...

Well for sure they didn't go away, but unit sales have been on the decline for decades. It would be nice to see them hit the highs they did back in the 60 and 70s.

Anonymous said...

The highs I believe were the 90s for $$$

Not sure about 60s and 70s. I remember kids bought a lot of books back then, but they only cost a quarter or less.

Kids dont buy comics ... but, I believe the digital comics are on the rise for the younger audience.

Anonymous said...

Just looked it up. 60s were AMAZING for comics!

top books were between 1million+ to 500k

70s not so hot. Dropped down to below 200s (still better than today) but revenue wasnt as good.



By the end of the 80s comics start to do a quick upturn and by the mid 90s were at the peak. Then the crash!

thanks for this it was fun looking up sales figures