Friday, May 17, 2013

Wonder Woman Amazon

The redoubtable Wonder Woman is coming back around for another stab at the tv, or so the scuttle butt has it. The TV series, scrapped last year, is back on the production schedule with a new writer, one of the Heroes crew, Aron Coleite. The show is titled Amazon.

Wonder Woman remains one of the coolest characters in the DC universe, but like Superman, she is very hard to translate to the big screen, or in this case, the small screen. Thor, from Marvel, has this problem as well, but they've done a masterful job in the movies with that character. Placing much of his role in Asgard has been really helpful in creating the ambience for the character. Hopefully the crew over at CW will follow that path and give us lots of Amazonian scenes.


Jim Lee

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