Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Troll Lord vs. Fat Dargon in Facebook "Like" showdown!

We are having a contest to see who buys the beer at GenCon the first night this year.  Who ever gets to 1,500 likes on Facebook first, the other has to buy the beer.  But we've sweetened the pot so to speak... If we make it first, we will be giving away two pdf adventures FREE of charge for 24 hours on our site.  So help us get there by liking us! You can like us by going to our Facebook page: Castles & Crusades Facebook, or simply by clicking on the like up in the left hand corner of this blog.  See, we make it easy for you and hopefully we will reward everyone with a couple free adventures!  If you already like us, thanks!  Tell your friends, enemies, family, strangers -- come one, come all!

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