Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Solar Winds

The sun dwells in constant turmoil. Massive storms rage across her surface as she burns with the fires of orc. She generates powerful magnetic fields that rise from her surface in gigantic loops, clawing into the dark reaches of space to collapse back upon themselves and fall into the gulfs of flame beneath. Often these massive loops clash together and rip one another apart hurling charged particles out from the sun at such speeds, 400km/sec, that they break free from the Ra's wrath and hurl into deep space.

These are the solar winds.

They rip through the Darkling Skies in a rage of wild abandon. They buffet planets, batter moons, tear at the atmosphere of the lumbering giants; these winds turn comets and engulf asteroids. And for men beyond the earth's atmosphere they tease one with flashes of light in the darkened eye; showing a glimpse of creation at the outset . . . .

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