Friday, May 17, 2013

Godzilla Returns

Lots of Godzilla news these days. The Toho Toy company signed a deal to bring major Godzilla merchandise to the US market this week. This joins IDW's news to launch a new line of comics starring the terror of Toykyo entitled Godzilla Rulers of the Earth. And this all top of a new Godzilla movie set to release in 2014. 

The movie has real promise I think. One of the script writers from The Walking Dead is working on it and Warner Bros has teamed with Lejendary Film to bring it to life. Money and talent are on board so that's a good thing. Juliette Binoche (the English Patient and 457 other movies) and Ken Watanabe (Letter from Iowa Jima) are on board already. 

As a youngster I was a gigantic Godzilla fan. Watched all the movies (first movie at the theatre was Gozilla and the Smog Monster), read the comics, had models all over the place and drew pictures of Godzilla constantly, so I'm really looking forward to this. With a little luck they won't alter the title character as they did the previous movie.

Godzilla needs no improvement!

This was my favorite Godzilla toy . . . not my actual one, but I had this one.

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