Friday, May 31, 2013

Dover's Walls and Gate

Powerful looking Dover Castle. Its entrance along the landward side is pretty cool. Built up from the ground so that the walls on the top of the slope create a natural moat, an almost unscalable slope. Using siege towers would be almost impossible. taking it would require scaling ladders and a great many men.

Very defensible. But even if you broke through the other walls you'd have a second slope and set of walls to break through and then an inner keep.

Whatever Barons dwelt here were secure I suspect.

Its where you want to be when the zombies attack.

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Black Vulmea said...

"Whatever Barons dwelt here were secure I suspect."

Until cannons.

Then it was a trap.

Fortunately, it was taken by ruse rather than siege during the ECW, preserving those medieval walls.