Weapons, weapons and more weapons for the player characters.

I think more knights died of thirst than combat.
Wow, so I got carried away. I am working on updating the Arms and Armor book for Troll Lord Games and decided to go all out. The following is a sample stat block for a weapon. Now, I don't know who will use this information but, I just like throwing it out there. I am not sure why I do so because I know there are literally no games out there with this much granularity. I also know that there is no manner of comparing weapons against one another as each are designed for specific purposes. 

Bec de Corbin: This is a 6-foot-long pole axe with a hammer head attached to the top. Opposite the hammer head is a fluke, beak or pick and mounted on top is a spike. The bec de corbin was designed for rending, tearing, and piercing armor to more effectively injure well armored opponents. It weighs about 4lbs and overall length (with spike) is about 7 feet. This is a common weapon for medieval Europe. (I don't know why this text is in white.)

Type: Polearm; Weight: 4 lbs; Length: 7 ft; Attack Type: Blunt, pierce; Cost: 12gp;

Damage Simple: 1d6; Damage Advanced: 1d6; Durability: 20; Breakage: 5

Range: 0ft; Special: Reach, rend armor, pierce armor; Strength to Wield: 9; Defense: 1

I am not certain that all that information will make it to the final draft. Not sure if it is necessary. I will note that there is a column Simple Damage. The simple damage column is the baseline this is all you really need to know to use this weapon, the rest one can take or leave. A picture will be included for each weapon so that it is easier to visualize the character.


Sparky said…
I hope the extended stat block makes it, it might not be
for everyone, but some ((myself included)) would like the
option for the added crunch.
davis said…
I sent a preliminary to Stephen, he liked it. So it probably will go in. Should be adding about 800 weapons as well.
Sean said…
Looking forward to this. I think there have to be some reasonable ways to have a reason to choose one weapon over another aside from damage.
Any chance you can add a detail for each item that says the approximate year it was introduced? This would really help with managing campaigns that are, say, Early Medieval rather than Early Renaissance. Thanks!