Thursday, January 08, 2015


In the Codex of Aihrde there are a number of orc tribes named. Several in the Gelderland, others in the east, near Aufstrag. In thinking about our next game of C&C, which finds the party in the dry steppes of the Dulcet, I got to thinking I really want to have a good old fashioned orc encounter. Then I thought "what would desert orcs be like. I should make a new type of orc!" But then I thought better of it. We don't need new orcs. An orc is an orc, what we need is a way to establish orcs for different environments, much like people. The Eskimos have a different set of skill sets than the Bush Men of South Africa. the Norsemen had a different set of skills sets than the Polynesians. Why not with orcs?

So its time to bring a new line to the Castles and Crusades line.

Orcs. Tribes of orcs.

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