Thursday, January 29, 2015


So they want to make Chris Pratt the new Indiana Jones...either that or they are just testing the waters with the fake announcement to see how vitriolic the internet can get.

For my part, I'm cool with it. Pratt is a good actor and has a fantastic sense of timing. Check him out in Parks and Rec. He has the ability to do slap stick without it being slap stick, which is what such a role as Indie takes. And that opening sequence from Guardians is really just Indie in was awesome.

What I wish they would do is stop remaking all these movies. I know why they are doing it. They have IP that is huge and can make them tons of money. They can't use the old actors because they are getting on in years. Its the same reason that RPG companies (aside from TLG mind you) release editions. You do a new edition to refresh the IP, tap old and new customers. You release Indiana Jones for the same reason.

Its sort of cool, getting to revisit the movie again...but its not the same movie. It never is. It might be better, it might be worse, but its not the same.

And I'm not criticizing. I think Pratt would make a great Indie, but there are also 400 million other characters he'd be great at...lots of stories out there Hollywood.

Pick one.

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