Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cave Men

I've always liked the idea of cave men. I remember Davis (my brother and occasional blogger here) had this cool Marx toy set with these small caves, cave men and some ice age animals . . . a giant bear, woolly mammoth and some others. It always looked so very cool.

Later when I did some splunking in the Ozarks and crawled around in the mud and dirt, wandered underground, slithered through small openings and what not it occurred to me that it was probably pretty dirty in those caves. Dark too, we lost a flash light in one and had only one light whose batteries began to fail. It was very very dark.

But none of that detracted from the idea of the cave man. Not sure what it is. Maybe the simplicity of it all. Its a cave. Your a man (or woman) and you stand under it. Gets you out of the rain. Gets you out of the wind. Gives you protection on at least three sides.

Not bad for a rock.

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