Monday, January 12, 2015

Mars One To Mars

You may or may not remember, but Mars One, is a non-profit organization that began taking applications in 2013 for a trip to Mars. They were looking a team of astronauts to go to Mars to colonize the planet. It was a one way trip, or rather, it will be a one way trip.

I was a little skeptical as they required a 5.00 application fee to fill out the contract and received some quarter of a million applications. It just seemed fishy.

Last year they chose their team. That sounds better.

This past week they announced a feasibility study wherein a space ship is sent to Mars with plant life kept in a tiny green house and wether or not those plants can survive. This should be 2018, assuming all goes according to plan.

Okay. That sounds really damn cool and a good idea!!

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