Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Level 6 The Torture Gardens

Here stood the heart of all suffering in Aufstrag. The whole level devoted to suffering and pain. Every room housed a particular device, or devices, designed to draw out the agony of creatures. These were called Unklar's Gardens. Unicorns were dehorned, elves skinned while yet alive, halflings boiled and cooked, men rent and torn and so on. The Gardens also served the wizards of the Paths of Umbra, and they experimented on creatures, making monstrosities

The Torture Gardens were built to house not only the suffering of the damned, but to capture the agony of their demise, for the echo of their living or dying sufferance were captured in the very stone work, and the howl of their torment is heard by all who enter the Gardens.

The Torture Gardens houses a large amphitheater where the suffering were brought out and forced to dance, put on plays or recite poems to the lords of Aufstrag, all to the cruel shouts and jests of their masters.

The Gardens are abandoned now but for the remains of the dead and their tormented spirits who haunt them here and there. As with most of Aufstrag, many other creatures have wandered into the Gardens and taken up refuge.

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