Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Sons of Set

In those days, the sons of Baetan and Imbrisius still sat the throne of Al Liosh, for they were divine and bore the blood of the Val-Eahrakun and they lived long lives. It came to pass that even as the Red Men rose to power, that Queen Tentopt sat the throne and she saw her power waning in the face of the new god, for even her son, Aa, had yielded and fallen under the Red God's sway

So she called upon Imbrisius, her ancestor, seeking her aid. But Imbrisius turned a deaf ear, for she did not care. But her consort, Naarheit, whom the Aenochians named Set, came to the Queen's summons. He laughed away her plight as he bed her upon the floor before the throne of Al Liosh. "There I have given you aid against the Red God who you call Nehabak. Relish what I have given you, for few others have such a gift." And he got her with child so that soon thereafter she gave birth to a daughter.

In time of years the Sorcerers came to Tentopt and bid her yield to the power of Nehabak. And she bid them to summon their god, and if he would bed her daughter, and give her a child, that she would bow to him. So they called Nehabak and he came as a great bull and there mated with Meryet, daughter of the Queen, for she was full grown and could rear a child. But Thorax was beguiled, for few held the power to unravel the deceits of Naarheit, that is Set to the Anochians, and he got Meryet with not one child, but many. The girl gave birth to a host of abominations and these were named the Sons of Set for they were born of the blood of man, but also the blood of Naarheit, Imbrisius and Thorax.

~The Codex of Aihrde

NOTE ON THE ART: This piece by Manzanedo is not associated with the Codex of Aihrde. But that figure on the right captures the sons of set perfectly, check out more art by Manzanedo!

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