Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Make Sure it is Super FIRST!

This is what happens when you confuse sizes. It started in the movie theaters when they went to medium, large and extra-big-large. Really that is still, small, medium and large. But now astrophysicists have found themselves in the same situation.

When the began discovering planets a few years back they found some earth like planets that were slightly larger than earth and they called the SUPER EARTHS! Well that was on well and good, but now we discovered a SUPER SUPER EARTH, a planet much, much bigger than our earth. So now they are calling this one Mega-Earth. In fact they are calling it the Godzilla of Earths!

Slow down there Lima Bean! Godzilla is the biggest monsters we got, what are you going to call the next earth you find that is bigger? Mega Super Godzilla Earth?

At any rate, they found a big planet that resembles earth and lies in the habitable zone of a star 560 light years away.


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